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Effective 9 August 2017, until further notice:
The board of directors voted to allow everyone (married and single) age 21 and older,
to attend our dances for the next few months to increase attendance and participation.
We are a singles club, so after the trial period, this could to revert back to singles only.

Are you looking for a fun way to meet with singles like you?

We have it,

Lets Dance!

The Bismarck Single File Dance Club provides an avenue for single adults of all ages, to meet and intermingle through social activities. This focus is on friendship and entertainment.

If you are not comfortable coming in alone the first time, please contact us and one of our board members will be happy to meet you at the door and introduce you to someone that will show you around.

Membership in Single File is not mandatory and non-members are always welcome. However by being a member, you will receive a few extra perks.

Unless otherwise noted, all Single File dances start at 8 PM and end at midnight.

Bring your membership card to get membership rates.

Visitors from neighboring singles clubs receive Single File membership rates when showing current membership card from their club.

Alumni welcome at all dances.

All dances are non-smoking.

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